Sunday, August 23, 2009

The travel

Then we started driving. Without looking back. Without trying to feel anything. We turned left. Then onwards. Further and further away.
-I think I felt something, she said.
I looked in the mirror. The grey fjord was already gone. Snow swirled up from the trailer behind the car. The engine was singing. It was cloudy. The light told me it was late winter and afternoon. I looked ahead as I should do. Mountains with snow and some scattered mountain birches. A frozen river that swayed through the landscape.
Somewhere ahead I saw something. I slowed down. The road was blocked by two ambulances. A truck was lying in the ditch. I stopped. Some other cars stopped behind us. The situation seemed to be under control. Nothing else for us do but to wait. A woman from the car behind us came up beside our car. I rolled down the window.
-The road seems to be icy today, she said.
-Yes, indeed, I replied.
That`s how they did around here. People could talk to strangers as beeing the opposit of strangers.
-This might take some time. I think I want to turn and take the other road.
She nodded and turned back. I could see she was an experienced driver. But I wanted to wait and see what happened.
Two boys with no winter clothes went out of a bus and walked slowly up beside our car. Their hands were in the pockets and they were freezing. Someone must have told them not to go any further. So they went some small steps a little bit too much, smiling to each other. Making their own kind of protest against the authority.
Then something happened. The ambulances started moving.
It started to get darker. We crossed a bridge. Suddenly found ourselves outside the country. And inside another. More snow. And even more wood. She looked down at her belly. Smiled. Looked over at me.
-Could we please stop for the night? I`m tired.
I made a grin. It was seven o`clock. But in some situations a woman had to be obeyed. We came into a small town. Then a hotel. I turned over. The engine stopped. I opened the door and went out. Discovered I was quite dizzy. And the air around me was cold.

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