Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The paper note

Maybe I should take him far inside? Into the innermost? I had not yet been there. Perhaps this was the right time?
The trail turned around bushes and trees. The breath of the guy behind me became heavier. His body started to move out of rhythm.
Hm. He was sleeping.
I went on. Towering old pine trees gave us shadow against the strong sun. The air became a bit cooler.
I stopped and listened ...
A branch creaked a little bit. Otherwise it was completely silence. It was as if the air was trying to say something without being able to.
I loosened the child carrier and took it gently off my shoulders. The head of the little lad was hanging on the side. Maybe this was dangerous for his tiny neck? I put him down on the feather moss. He slept heavily. His head was lying slightly on the side and and his legs was spread over the child carrier.
I had forgotten to bring with me the most. Nothing to eat. No extra cloth. The bottle with water was nearly empty.
A woodpecker was picking on a spot at the distance. The forest gave the sound some extra timbre.
A little further away there, through the trees. It was something there. Something white. I got up and went over.
A paper note.
I turned it over. On the backside there was a writing. Something with a blue ballpoint pen and nice squiggly letters.
The note said: "How was the smell?"

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