Sunday, March 13, 2016


-Oh, dear, have you been biking today, as well?
The colleague came behind me. The bike was parked. I opened the door to work, still with my helmet and safety vest on. And a tired and sweaty body inside the vest.
-Yes, I said. -I have been biking today, as well.
-But is it not terribly cold now?
-No, no, it`s not cold.
-But it must surely be very slippery on the road now?
-No, it`s not slippery at all.
-But you must be using studded tires, then?
-No, I don`t, I replied.
-You don`t, he said and glanced at me.
-No, no, I said.
I went to the shower used by employees. I tore off my sweaty clothes. Felt the warm water that engulfed my body. Turned my face up against the soft stream. I found some new, dry clothes. Went over to the cafeteria and a cup of coffee. Some colleagues said "hi". I replied with a "hi". I sat down at the office. The coffee was playing around in my body.
I looked at the work desk. It was pretty messy. Work matters. A huge stack of paper. I opened the computer to check how much work it actually was.

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