Sunday, September 11, 2016

Outside the client

I could feel small rays of heat from the spring sun out there. Birds singing. I believed that was the sound I heard. I wrote a bit more on my computer while she spoke.
I stood up. -I will examine your case some more, then I`ll come back to you a little later, I said.
She stood up and shook my hand.
I opened the door of the meeting room and showed her the way out. I went back to my office and plugged my computer.
-How did it go, the second boss asked me at the door.
-Good, I said.
-Can you deliver a report to me before you finish today?
I nodded. He pounded two fingers twice on the door frame, turned and went away.
I looked at the document. "Quite a lot of trouble" I read. "Difficulty at home". "Economy".... Damn! I stared at the document. I had forgotten to write her name and number! I looked around me. The woman was gone. The second boss sat inside his own office, busy with new cases. I guessed. I started at the document. Then I saved it in a folder that I surnamed "difficult cases".

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