Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shadow attack

The evening sun cut through the window. Made some deep shadows along the wall. I laid on the couch and watched the news on the telly. Some bombs exploded somewhere. Some children leaped through dusty streets and screamed.
I heard a pair of heavy footsteps up the stairs. My wife had put our son to bed. She went to the dinner table. The sound of plates, forks and knives which were collected together.

The weatherman on the telly said there was still going to be warm days.
I noticed that my wife stood there, looking at me. Her face told me that something disturbing was going to happen.
-You could have helped me more with the housework, she said.
I turned around. -But I`m tired, I said.
-Well, so am I, she replied.
She went over and turned off the television. The weatherman was interrupted in the middle of the words "long-term forecasts". She turned towards me.
-Why are you so late at work all the time, she asked?
-But I´ve told you. I got so many things to do, I said.
-Are you sure about this? Is there something else?
-Hm? Like what?
I laid on my back on the couch and felt completely defenceless. Unable to defend myself, if there was an attack. And it came.
-Is there someone else?
-Someone else?
-Do you see another woman, being so much away from home?
-What? Are you joking?
-No, I don´t joke about a thing like that.
She stood with her hands on her hips. She stared at me, laying there. Her eyes searched for something to penetrate.
I sighed heavily.
-Why would I? What is it that gives you such an idea?
She looked at me for a long time with a fixed gaze. Then suddenly she turned off and looked away. Breathed out. It came just as surprisingly as that attack. And it made me sink inside the couch.
-I don`t know, she said. -I´m just so tired at the moment. I feel very vulnerable. Maybe I just imagine things. I see so little of you. And you seem so distant sometimes. But I could really need more help with the housework.
I laid exhausted on the couch and looked up at her. She had a more calm, thinking glance. Then she went away to the kitchen.
I turned my head towards the black television screen.

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