Thursday, September 3, 2009

The house in the forest

Finally we managed to escape from the trucks, the salt and mud. On this road to hell.
Our story could have turned quite different if we continued on that road. But it wasn`t meant for us.
Now, the road got more narrow. We climbed upwards. It started to get dark again. We were tired. So we looked for a place to sleep. But this area was empty. We found signs that said "closed". It was a dark and thick forest. No people. No other cars. Maybe they all went to that other road.
-I need somewhere to sleep, she said. -You gotta find something. Quick!
I kept going. But the further we went, the forest got even thicker. The darkness got darker. We were in a nomansland.
But then. Somewhere ahead I saw a glimpse of a light. And then it opened up. A huge, wooden ox said "hello". We went around the streets. It was past midnight and no people around. Then we found the "Hotel Ox".
The car was strange and silent when I turned off the engine.
-You gotta carry the luggage, she said. I can`t do it.
A sleepy receptionist was just about to close. The room was dusty. But it was a room.
The next day we could see what the darkness had been hidden. Small, red and beautiful houses. Nice gardens.
We left the country and went into our own. It was close now. I turned into a narrow, gravel road. All around, it was what we had seen for quite a long time. Forest, forest. And there it was. The house in the forest.

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