Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inside the house

A smiling man greeted us. He was about to sell the house to us. He held his arm towards the open door. Invited us to come in.
There, inside, loads of boxes was already stabled. They were transported ahead of us. He showed us around. Explained about this and that.
I watched around me. On light walls. The afternoon darkness which a single light bulb could not push away. I went outside to the cool air. To heavy, wet snow. Some lamps was lit out in the garden. They made some snowflakes glow when they descended down. Over there were some garden bushes. It was so silent. Only the echo of a dog barking far away, somewhere in the forest.
The house was almost alone in the forest. Somehow, it felt safe. It was hidden and peaceful. It wasnt that special, really. It was "nice". Modern. Built with modern shortcuts. I could see one and another I could wish to change. But when we first had to move. Then we might as well move to this house. I felt that we could become friends. The house and I.
The salesman gave us the keys. He shook our hands. Then he left.
I sat down on a box. She looked at me. Smiled. Went over to me. Layed my head on to her belly. It felt good. Finally to rest into her warm and soft belly.

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