Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The seed

I watched over my garden. It was so strange to see everything that could grow. I bought some small threes. To grow apples. Pairs. Cherries. I dug more holes. To put small rasberries into them. I looked forward to se them coming.
The grass was cut. I made sure it looked smooth and trimmed. Preventing small plants getting bigger. If I didn`t, the whole garden would be overgrown by forest in short time. I pulled out some green stuff at the driveway. The neighbor permitted me to saw off some threes below the house. It could make good firewood for the winther. And the neighbor wanted it away, to get a better view.
It was strange. All the fuzz. An eternal battle to govern what to grow where and how. And if I didn`t keep it up, the battle would be lost very soon. Everything was growing and growing closer and closer. I pulled out more green stuff at the driveway. But it was no help. It just grew up just as soon as it was pulled away.
It went towards the end of the summer. A thick, wet smell of rotten plants was hanging in the air. Still everything continued to grow. Small seeds floated and landed in the garden. To spread the genes of the mother threes. All the green came closer and closer to take over the garden, the house, to strangle me.
-Where have you been, my wife asked.
-In the forest, I replied.
-For the whole summer, she asked.
I didn`t answser, but pulled out more green stuff from the driveway.
-You don`t care about me, she said.
-Sure I do, I answered.
-Why can`t you give more attention to me and the baby that is growing inside of me?

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