Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yes. She was bigger. Her stomach was round and energetic. All of her was energy. I took some pictures of her stomach in profile. Took some more to show how it was growing.
I looked out. It was autumn. I needed to make everything ready for the winter. And the child. The neighbor offered me to make firewood out of some of his threes that made the view somewhat less viewable. Well, the threes only prevented us from looking at other threes.
One thing was at least certain. This area had plenty of firewood. I started the chainsaw. The threes fell down. I removed the branches. Carried the rest to the house. Chopped and cleaved it.
It went colder. I got frustrated. I didnt have enoough time. It went colder. The baby was coming soon. And the work went too slow.
-Dont bother about the firewood, she said and stroked her hand over her stomach.
"Thats easy for her to say," I thought.
I looked outside. It was raining. Heavy raindrops. The firewood got wet.
"This is going straight to hell", I thought.

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