Saturday, November 27, 2010

On my way to work

This was a road that showed me the same every day. Soon I got tired of it. The dark landscape. The big bus with tired sounds. And few people sitting scattered with tired faces.
I took up the bread from my bag. I saved some minutes by eating breakfast on the bus. Dry bread with cheese. And a bottle of water. Some of the faces turned against me when I chewed the slice of bread.
The bus stopped a little here. And a little there. A slightly older man came in and lightened up when he saw a slightly older woman. He sat down beside here. I tried to catch what they were talking about.
-I was figuring that I might leave the table behind, in case you needed it, he said.
-Yes, that`s quite allright, she said.
-But if you want, I can come and get it, he said.
-Oh no, she said. -That`s not necessary. It might well come in hand for me.
-Yes, but you can just tell me if you want me to remove it. I can drive it to the garbage place, he said.
-Oh yes, but no thankyou, that is not necessary, she said.
-Yes, but just tell me, and I can come right away, he said.
It was getting close to where I was going off. I was careful to have my bread back in the bag and everything ready. I was a bit nervous to not get off at the right moment when the job, the place and the bus was new to me. I pulled the stop-button. The bus breathed heavily and annoyed and turned into the busstop. I went forward. The slightly older man and woman looked at me. I turned to the busdriver and wished him farewell.

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