Sunday, December 12, 2010

At work

Someone knocked on the door. Someone was running. It was urgent. Preparation. To make sure that eveything was well prepared. Loads of paper on my desk. Out of the office. New rounds. Someone knocked on the door again. Maybe it was time to clear my desk. The paper was floating. It was important to get an overview. And cleaning my desk could be the way. Throw some of it in the garbage can. Put some others in a folder. Someone knocked on the door again. Out again and new rounds. Papers under my arm. Make sure a pen was in my pocket. And my keys. Make sure everything was well prepared.
Then it calmed down a bit. Summon for a meeting. Someone was talking. Others listening. Or did they? Faces that stared ahead at something that none could attach themselves to. Everyone wanted to go home. But I wanted myself back to the office. I wanted to work more, so that I was well prepared.

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