Thursday, February 24, 2011

Going back

It was late when I took the bus home again. I watched the landscape passing by the bus window. It wasn`t much changed since the morning.
-It`s some dinner in the kitchen, my wife said when I came inside the door. I found the food. It was cold.
-How are you, I asked.
She was lying on the sofa with a huge balloon.
-I just wish I could get this overwith, she answered.
I put a cold sausage into my mouth.
It was new on the television. A bank was robbed earlier in the big town. It started to become a habit. The criminality increased dramatically, they said.
I sometimes wondered if it was smart or not to keep all the lights in the house shut at night. Maybe none could see us then. But at the same time someone might think that the house was empty. And try to rob it. Visible or not visible. If I should respond to my inner feelings, it would be not visible. So the lights would be shut tonight again.
The news came up with a new one. About the big disease. More and more got infected. Someone had died.
-My God, my wife said. -This might be dangerous for our child that is coming soon. You gotta make sure that you don`t get infected. After all, you`re out there among all these people.
I stuck my fork into a potato.

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