Friday, March 18, 2011


Then it was morning again. I went up early. So early that I guessed no one else was up. I wanted to get early to work. So that I could prepare myself some more.
I watched out the dark window. A car passed by in a high speed (someone had been up earlier than me). The wheels was growling against the gravel road. It lasted just a moment. Then the car was gone. Why did this car pass our house? In such a speed?
I put the radio on. It told me the same news as yesterday. I made some coffee. Fixed some other stuff. Went outside.
It was still early when I went out of the bus, and into the office. No one else was there. The lights and the pipes was humming. I tried to prepare. But no matter how early I was, the time went too quick. My colleagues came. One by one. Said hello. And then it started.
During the afternoon I called home to ask if it was ok to work some extra. I wanted to prepare myself some more.
Then. While I was sitting there. I could feel it. My back was aching. And soon the rest of the body. I got dizzy. And warm.
Shit, shit, shit! This couldn`t happen. There was so much I needed to do.
-My God, my wife said. -Get up to the loft, and stay there!
She stayed into the corner while I stumbled up the stairs.
-I guess you`re fingers has been up your nose. No wonder why you have got infected. Just stay up there, far away from me. I`ll put some food to you on the stairs.
I put my body into the guest bed.
The yellow light was singing around in a circle over my head. It was spinning and spinning. Faster and faster. And the work. And everything I could`nt do. And outside maybe some criminals was lurking. And the child. Shit, the child! Maybe it got infected too. And the light was speding up now. It was roaring. Around and around.

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