Sunday, June 12, 2011

Evening thoughts

-It`s lovely, she said.
She was out at the veranda. Watched out at the sky.
-Was it good, this English crime on the telly, I asked.
-Pff, she replied. -I know you don`t like that one. But, yes, I think it`s good.
I watched her. Her body was soft and nice shaped after the birth. Her eyes had some new, beautiful lines.
This universe of a woman. All her struggle. She had turned her sword against creeping snakes. To protect the deerest. The struggle had made her a bit weaker. But still she was so strong. I admired it. She was a guide, able to help people. She could help me, too, away from my deamons. If I accepted it.
The evening sun suddenly shined a moment, before it disappeared under the horizon.
I woke up a bit.
"My God, I´m getting deep" I thought.
-What are you thinking about, she asked.
-Nothing, I said.
-Yeah, sure, she said.
I breathed heavily. Watched at the darkening sky.
-It´s a bit difficult to explain, I said.

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