Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morning shock

I was floating with long jumps across the soft moss. I made small piruets. Floated up towards a pine three.
Then a sudden and unexpected scream came. Sharp as a knife. My upper body threw itselt ninety degrees up in the bed. I looked at the watch. Five o´clock. In the morning. My wife was lying with her back towards me, sleeping. Seems like it was my turn. Actually I couldn`t quite remember if it was my turn.
New, terrible screams came from the other room. This time more impatient and commanding. I threw my legs on to the floor. Found some clothes. But couldn`t find my socks. It got quiet inside the children room when the sound of my bare feets where stumping on the cold floor in the passage room. I opened the door to his room.
A happy one year old boy stood in his bed with his teat. He lifted his arms up to me. I could feel his soft and warm pyjamas to my body. One of his arms was holding around my shoulder. His legs hang around my stomach and back. The good smell of his soft hair. He watched with expectation around himself when I carried him up the stairs to the living room.
I stumbled to the television. The only program it could offer this time in the morning, was some awful, Norwegian countryside music videos. It was the same music every morning. But the boss, with his wide open eyes, was happy, sitting in the sofa.

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