Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Dayapp" in the morning sun

We opened the door to the veranda. Bright morning air and birdsong streamed into the living room. With new life and green colours. Blue summer sky. The bread was fresh baked. The coffee just cooked and ready. Even some new cooked eggs.
-Dayapp!, the boss said. It meant that he wanted some of the food. My wife had warmed a bottle of milk to him. He was drinking eagerly. I sliced small pieces of bread with some live patè. He whacked the hand down in the patè and smeared the bread around his face, until it found its way into his mouth. He was chatting away in his own language.
-Oh, really I said. -Well, that might be so.
-Yes, he said. Then he continued his small talk inbetween the bottle of milk and the bread.
We smiled to each other. My wife and I. I felt the pleasant summer air playing around me. The coffee created calm and harmony in my body. The boss started to smear the bread around his small table. Other pieces was thrown down to the floor. I watched under his chair. It was full of small pieces of bread beneath him.
-Dayapp!, he said.
It meant that he had finished eating and wanted to get down from the baby chair.

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