Sunday, October 2, 2011

The dream country

-Jeez! Are you sleeping?
I quickly raised from the sofa. Watched around me. The boss was sitting on the floor, playing with something. On the telly, the Nightgarden was finished, long time ago. It felt like it was just a moment ago when I was dancing around with Hinkel Pinkel and Uppsy Daisy on the green field.
-I was just lying a little bit with my eyes closed, I said.
-Yeah, sure, she said. -Your son has pooed. Can you please change his diaper while I make some breakfast?
A light brown glop was shining up on me. The boss was lying and singing "Ba Ba Black Sheep" with his own lyrics, "daa-daa-da-da". I put the clout under the water, cleaned him, dried him, put on a new, dry diaper. Felt the joy when making him clean and dry. He was lying there, watching me, while he was gabbing in his own language. I raised him on to my arm. Went upstairs. Into the living room I could smell fresh coffee.

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