Sunday, April 3, 2016

Late dinner

I pedaled past some neighboring houses inside the forest. One of the neighbors had made a snowball light. It was blinking happily in front of the house. I swung up to our house.
It was quiet there. The little one was already sleeping in his bed. I took off all my clothing and sweat soaked underwear, and found something new and dry.
-Hi, I heard from my wife in the living room. -There is some dinner on the table.
I went inside. She sat at the table. I sat down and found some cold sausages and potatoes on the plate.
-How was work today, she asked.
-As usually, I responded. I noted how the sausages and potatoes made my hungry stomach better. I looked up at her and laid down the fork and knife.
-Well, actually I`m quite tired about the whole thing. I would very much like to do something else.
-Like what, she asked.
-I don`t know. Something that could give me some more. Like hiking in the woods, making important thoughts...
-Like having some time off, you mean?
-No, but have more freedom to develop something which we don`t know for sure what we can earn from.
-Yeah, she said and looked into the air. -You haven`t asked me about how I`ve had my work today.
-No, how have you been?
-You never ask me that.
-Sure I do...
-No, never, she said. -But anyway. I have something to tell you. I just have to quit my own job. I can`t manage this no more. I`m completely worn out. I just have to quit, or I´ll become seriously ill.
I watched her.
-Yes, so it is.
-But...what about our economy?
-Yeah, what about it? She looked into my face.
-We can`t pay the loan and everything with only one revenue, I said.
-We just have to make it. The most important thing is that you got a wife who has her health in order. And I will use my time to look for something else in the long term, she said.
I looked down at the plate. Some potatoes and half of a sausage were left on it.

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