Sunday, April 24, 2016

Goblin spring

Baby Goblin woke up with light in his face. He looked around. All his brothers had left for work early in the morning. He heard Mother Goblin and Father Goblin small talking. In a dark corner Pig Goblin was asleep, snoring.
Baby Goblin stood up and followed the light. He noticed that there was something special today. He opened the door. A mixture of warm and cool air greeted him. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Baby Goblin leaped inside.
-Pig Goblin! Wake up! It is spring time! It is spring time! He shook the lazy pig.
The animal went into an extra powerful snore and clucked out loud.
-You must wake up and come with me outside. It is spring time!
The pig breathed heavily. -Spring time, he grunted.
-Yes, spring time! Come on, come out with me!
Pig Goblin got up, very heavily and waddled slowly. Baby Goblin ran along the path while the pig stumbled behind as best as he could.
-Do you know what I would like to do today, Baby Goblin said.
-No, Pig Goblin replied and breathed.
-I would like to see the little lad in the house.
-The little lad...but we are not allowed to do that, Pig Goblin said and looked anxious up on Baby Goblin.
-Nooo, but we will just look. And we can hide ourselves in the forest.
-Would you go completely down to the edge of the forest? But that is dangerous!
-Not if we are quiet and hide ourselves.
The pig got quiet. He had a deep wrinkle over his eyes. The sun rays were playing around them. The birds were singing an encouraged tune to them.
-Come on, let us go, Baby Goblin said and ran.
The pig looked at him. -Wait, he cried. -Do not run away from me.

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