Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dangerous Goblin path

Baby Goblin leaped easily along the forest trail. He jumped over some three trunks. Ducked under some twigs. Pig Goblin breathed heavily while his short legs trotted behind.
Baby Goblin slowed down.
-Look, he whispered happily. –There is his house.
The two sat down behind some bushes and peered down the house at the forest edge. The house was quiet down there. No human being was to see.
Pig Goblin coughed his throat as quiet as he could.
-Maybe they are not at home, he whispered with a muddy voice.
-Sure, we just have to wait a little, Baby Goblin said.
-But....what if some human beings came. It would be dangerous. If so, they would certainly try to catch us. Maybe Mother Goblin and Father Goblin want us to go back now. Maybe we should go now...
-Ssshhh, Baby Goblin said.
They listened intently and stared down the house.
Then the door latch went down slowly. And the door opened up. First, a man came out. Then a woman.
-Oh, God help us! They are so large, Pig Goblin whispered and trembled.
-L...look, Baby Goblin whispered.
Behind the two adults, a boy came out. He was dressed in a jacket with many colors. On his head he had a blue cap. is the Little Lad in the house, Baby Goblin piped. H-hi, hi, Little Lad, Hiiii....
Baby had risen above the bushes and started waving with his hand.
-What are you doing, Pig Goblin hissed. He tossed over Baby Goblin and tored him down behind the bushes. –You must not do so. Tehy can see us! You must not do!
They heard a sound. And then something cruised out from a smaller house.
-Look, Baby Goblin shouted elated. –It is an automobile! The Little Lad is sitting inside an automobile! And now he will certainly travel to the gardenkinder!
Stone and gravel crunched under the wheels as they cruised away from the house.
Baby Goblin threw himself up.
-I want to see the gardenkinder, he cried.
-No! No, are you crazy? No we have to go home, Pig Goblin wheezed.

-No, I want to see the gardenkinder! Baby Goblin looked defiant down on Pig Goblin. Then he turned and ran away.

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