Thursday, December 30, 2010

Electronical stuff

There was someting else about this shopping center. They had loads of shops that sold electronical stuff. And I loved every single one of them. I always wanted something new stuff. And something for the new stuff. Maybe a cable. Or something else. I had plenty of time. The bus didnt leave for a while. So I wandered around looking for something new to my electronical stuff. The shops was shining bright towards me. Young, handsome men in red v-sweathers was waiting to trick someone.
But there was even something more about this shopping centre. There was one kind of people that didnt undestand that they should dress themselves into fancy clothes and hairstyles. The old, retired farmers had nothing else to do, but to be at the shopping centre, even them. They were lined up, broad and firm along the shops, with grey jackets and sixpences.
I found a shop that might have what I was looking for. But one of these pensioners was in my way.
-But how do I get more of these camerapixels, he asked.
I understood how this would get, turned around at the door and went on. I found a new shop. To find a new pensioner with a grey jacket at the desk.
-But howee, howee...
I turned again. Looked for a new shop. And found it. This had to be the one where I could find what I was looking only one, but three of these pensioners were at the shop. One of them was hanging with his elbows over the desk. His behind took the rest of the space. He was staring out in the air, thinking hard.
-Broooooadbaaaand???? he asked.
-Yes, I recommend broadband now. Its a long time since we stopped selling isdn-equipment, the young man in a red v-sweather replied.
My eyes started looking for a café.

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