Saturday, December 25, 2010

The shopping center

it was dark outside when I went from work. The automatic lock was humming behind me. I didnt quite understand this lock system. But I understood that the door was locked. And that I was unable to get inside again for tonight.
I looked up. Cold, small rain showered in a light way my face. I went along a street. The traffic was heavy. This place was not big. But it was always full of heavy traffic. I went to a shopping center. Went inside. To bright lights, music and voices. Adults that hasted back and forth. Children standing at some computer games. Youths hanging around. Everyone with fancy clothes, haircuts, young and old girls with sparkling makeup. All of it probably bought at the shopping center. It seemed like this shopping center was the heart of this place. Or maybe a kind of pacemaker that kept alive something new. New, fancy clothes. New stuff to buy. I kind of sensed that this place was different just a few years ago. Maybe just some farmers that walked around the fields. Then something sudden and unexpected must have happened. That made it modern with shopping center and heavy traffic. And people with the latest in makeup, haircuts and fancy clothes. It seemed like the people was struggling to adapt themselves to the new life. That they did everything to get away from the old farmer life. And the way was to buy as much as possible in the shortest amount of time in this shopping center.

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