Sunday, April 17, 2011


It came in waves. Shaking. Roaring. The whole hospital was shaking. Then it calmed down a bit. She breathed. Fast. Then it built itself up again. Her hand grabbed my t-shirt. She shaked me up and down like a plastic ball. She roared.
-You gotta open up, a nurse said. She wanted to bend her legs more apart.
-It wont go, I said. She`s got pelvic pain.
It was impossible. Two forces in a wild battle. About going in or out.
-How was I, she asked. Inbetween the breathing pauses.
-It was better now, I said and tried to smile. -You`re good. The last one was very good.
She grinned.
-Come on, a nurse said. -Now push all you got.
She pinched her eyes together. Put the pressure on.
A glass of water on the nighttable started to vibrate. The bed was shaking a bit. The walls started to squeak. The asphalt outside at the parking lot made small cracks. Just beside our car. The wind blew up. Sailed over the three tops. Made the forest mumble with unease. The waves out in the ocean started to raise. The sun pushed out several, small explosions. The galaxy was spinning faster. The universe...pulled itself together...this might turn into a new, big could happen now....
-I could see his head slightly, the nurse said. -But then he turned back inside again.
How could this get? It was impossible. Against such forces, even she had to give up.
-Now how was I, she asked and breathed.
-Yes, now it was very good, I said. -This time you were really good...
-You got to work harder, the nurse said. -Next time, you need to push with all you got. It`s no use with this small work. If not, we`ll keep on for many, many hours.
Then it built itself up again.
I moved myself downwards, to help keeping her knee up. I watched to see if I could see anything. But I couldn`t.
-Come on, the nurse said. -Now push.
-Come on, I thought. For Gods sake! Push!, Push....push...

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