Friday, April 1, 2011

Time`s up

I was up again. Looked out of the morning window. Not much new to see.
My God! To be absent from work for one week had one large consequence; It was an ocean of unfinished work lying ahead of me. A large stack of paper laid on my desk. I turned the paper on the top. Tried to figure it out.
Many had been sick, they told me at work. And many still was. People was washing their hands constantly. I had an urge to scratch my nose. But managed to avoid it. What if, I thought.
A collegue told that a driver was robbed on the road, not far away. Someone was standing by the road, asking for help. When a car stopped, the driver was mugged. The city of cancer was creeping closer and closer.
I turned some more paper. I tried to make a plan. Putting up a time list. To make sure when the first was going to get finished. And then the second. This would take a hell of a time.
Then the cellular phone called.
It was her.
-You`ll have to come, she said.
-What, now? I asked.
-Yes, now! It`s time.
-But...-No but, she interrupted me. -Just come! Now!

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