Friday, April 22, 2011

The outcome

She breathed. Deep, deep. So deep that I never thought it was possible. She blew up two big hamster cheeks. Her teeth bit herself into her lips. The eyes tight and closed. Her hands got white when holding around the bed. Her whole body got tight. Her face got more and more red. it was blood red. No, blue red.
It was in that moment that a lightning stroke down on me. It lasted just a few seconds. But within those seconds it opened up a...a revealing. I could see. What was the genesis to everything.
A star had grown so big that it exploded. So strong that it made a black hole. Which sucked all life around. But then created something new. A new galaxy was slowly created, with billions of new stars. An eternal rotation between death and life.
Our earth is balancing on a sharp blade. Our star might just grow a little bit. And it will give us mortal heath and energy instead of the amount that is life supporting today. But because the earth is placed where it is placed, we get just a suitable amount of heath and energy. So far. Small and big meteors are passing by. If we get hit by a suitable big one, it will destroy the most on the planet. But because other planets are placed where they are placed, they protect us from the meteors. So far. The earth is like an egg. A thin shell on the outside. And a boiling magma which does everything to get out of the shell. Sometimes a small amount manages to get out. But mainly just a little bit. So far.
The life. It fights to have a place. And the genesis of the life. Is in this woman. The woman is the giving of life. And protector against all dangers. Against nuclear weapons and pollution. It`s just a finger on a button. And everything is deleted. The woman protects her child as best as she can. Against soldiers who rape and kill. She is working and struggling to make ends meet. While her husband is playing cards and drinking in a bar. She sacrifices everything. Gives an endless amount of love which life depends on to exist. And is rewarded with eternal pain. Numbers of menstruations, migraine, unease, violent men, pelvic pains, births with such a pain so deep that it gets into the deepest. And children who leave her at the end, without giving back any kind of thank you.
All this. Was what I saw in this blue red face. She had sacrificed so much. Struggled herself through a jungle. Pushed herself between narrow walls of negative powers. And still. She was capable of giving away an ocean of love and care. Which gave her such a tremendous force.
-I think something is happening now, the nurse said suddenly.

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