Saturday, May 21, 2011


He was quiet when we were driving. He was sitting in a new and safe babyseat. My wife was also sitting behind. She continuously checked if everything was okay. She almost didn`t want to leave the hospital. At first she wanted to change the diaper. Then give him some more milk. Then change the diaper again. Then give him some more milk again.
But then we were heading back home. On the side of the road there was empty grain fields. Tired houses. Lawns with easter leaves. And a pale, cold light.
We came up against our house. It was smiling friendly. I stopped the engine.
-Wait with the car door, she said. -I need to dress him first.
-But it`s only five meters to the front door, I said.
-He can`t get cold, she said. -Wait a moment.
She dressed him. Put a blanket around him. Then she breathed. Opened the car door quickly. Held him close to her body. She hurried to the front door and inside. I started to carry the baby equipment and other stuff inside. The house was shaking a bit in excitement. Everything was ready for the new member.

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