Saturday, May 14, 2011


-Could you get me some lemonade, she asked.
I went out to the kithen on the hospital and found it. Some yellow lemonade. And a cake.
-I think he has pooed. Could you change his diaper?
I went out to the tidy room with the tiny body. Removed some dark, green stuff. Dried him. New diaper. Back to the room where my wife drank the rest of the lemonade.
-How are you, I asked.
-I think I`m getting back some strength, she said.
I watched out of the window. It was some chilly, easter sunshine out there.
-Is it ok if I take a walk outside, I asked. -I need some fresh air.
-I guess that`s fine, she answered.
I breathed the sharp air down to my lunges. Went down a steep pavement. Some cars roared up and down the road beside me. Quite unnoticed of what just had happened to me.
I came inside a shopping centre. Maybe I could find it here. Probably not. But maybe.
I went by a jeweller. Yes, I should go inside. I watched over jewells and rings. This one was nice. And not so expensive. I pointed at it. A woman took it up and put it into a small package.
Happily I kept on. Into a shop with electronics.
-Do you got the new iphone, I asked.
-No, those disappeared the same day they came in, a man said. -But within a month I think we would receive some new. Do you want me to put you up on a list, he asked.
-No thank you I answered.
It wasn`t possible. The phone was very hard to get. Maybe the best was to get back to the hospital.
I passed a new shop with electronics. Went in.
-Do you got the new iphone, I asked.
-Yes, actually, we got one left, a man answered.
-Do you really, I stuttered.
He picked up a box from the desk. And there it was. A brand, new iphone.
I came in to the room in the hospital. The boss was sleeping. My wife was reading a magazine.
-Was it nice outside, she asked.
-Mm. I bought you a present, I said.
She beamed up. Unpacked the small box.
-A gift of love. It`s nice, she said and kissed me. She looked at the jewel and scraped a bit at it with her nail.
-I bought something for myself, too, I said. -I came over the new iphone.
-Oh, really, she said.
I carefully picked the box from the bag. I was so thrilled when I started to open it.

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