Friday, July 1, 2011

Telly vision

Some men was on the stage, singing about someone having a lot of money. Spending them all on new tits. Then there was an old man singing with a young girl on a beach down in a warm country where people spent their holidays. I wondered if this girl was his grandchild or what. Between there was some amateur footage of a hairy man lying in the water. And a young girl in bikini. Then a new video of a strange, rich man with cigar in a bar, with young girls around him.
All of this was music videos. Always with people dancing a strange turning around-dance. The kind of dancing and music that people loved in the Norwegian countryside and forest.
I was so tired when I was staring at this ancient, Scandinavian phenomena. I feared that all there was of culture, between the trees in the forest. Was this turning around-dance.
We were saving money. So then we had few channels to choose among. And early in the morning I could only choose one single channel. With this ancient, Norwegian turning around-music.
The boss was drinking happily his tempered milk from the bottle while sitting on the sofa, watching the music videos with interest. He was too young to be critical to it.
The watch was moving slowly downwards.
Then it was there. Finally. Oh, God, this was heaven. When I could change to the starting of the childrens channel, lay down on the sofa, feel the warm and small body of the boss resting towards me and listening to the well known music of In The Night Garden.

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