Monday, December 28, 2015

Mother and father goblin

-Did you check if the tails were well bonded together, Mother Goblin asked while seated on the stump.
-Sure, Father Goblin replied and sat down. He breathed heavily. -Baby Goblin asked about the lad in the house again.
-Hm. It might not be so wise to give Baby Goblin too many ideas, she said.
-Well, this is the story that makes him fall asleep quickly, he said.
Mother Goblin looked onto Father Goblin. Then she glanced out the peep-hole. -There is so uneasy outside tonight. It is well everyone is inside. And well that everyone has their tails bound together.
-Yes, Goblin Father said. He looked at her. -You, about you and I tie our tails together this night as well?
She glanced at him. -Sure we can, she said.

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