Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Baby Goblin

It was late at night among the forest goblins. All the brothers, young and old was settled. Some twisted slightly. Some breathed heavily.
-Father Goblin, can you tell a story about the little lad in the house, the youngest of the brothers, the Baby Goblin asked.
He laid on his back in the bed and glanced up at the ceiling. His tail was tied with the tails of all his brothers. They all laid in the big bed. Some of the brothers had already fallen asleep after a long working day. But the youngest was still awake.
-Yes, the little lad in the house, Father Goblin said. -He lives in a big, white house outside the forest with his mom and dad.
-Has he got a goblin pig, like me, Goblin Baby asked.
-No, he does not. But he has a lot of other strange stuff. He has lot of such toys as human children have.
-Has he made them by himself?
-No, he has not. They all got them from what they call "The Shop".
-"The shop"?
-Yes. There are such huge houses with lots of different things that human children can get.
The Baby Goblin was thinking.
-I would like to meet the little lad some time, he said.
-Well, I do not know whether it is that easy, Father Goblin said. -Firstly, he is rarely in the forest. And when he is in the woods with his dad, he is not so far inside, only on the edge. Furthermore I think that humans would become frightened if they met one of us. We do not match them, so to speak...but now I think you should go to sleep.
Father Goblin started to mumble the bedtime song that every forest goblins sang each evening. The song about the troll family who had put all the children to bed. The troll families did exactly as the goblins and tied together the tails of all the children when everyone was going to sleep.

"When Troll Mom put eleven small trolls to the bed
and tie them by their tails
she sings the song for eleven, small trolls
the most beautiful words she knows
ho aia-aia-boff
ho aia-aia-boff, boff
ho aia-aia boff."

The Baby Goblin and some of the brothers was singing along with sleepy voices on the "ho aia-aia boff". Some of the brothers only grunted slightly, half asleep.
-Good night, Father Goblin whispered, and kissed Baby Goblin on the forehead. Then he checked that all the tails was well bonded together.

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