Sunday, January 3, 2016


I glanced at the phone. No one had made a call. And the battery of the phone would soon get empty.
I touched myself. Yes, it was different on one side. Actually, it was something different on one foot too. And one arm. The hand and it`s fingers felt numb. And one side of my head. It felt like it was different than the other side. On one of the eyes, the forest was dark and odd. On the second eye not quite so. So, in other words, my health could be really serious bad.
And those paper notes. Those strange messages. What the heck was that? Were they meant for me? Was there someone who would tell me something? Or was it only me who started to become crazy?
I looked at the lad. The little one went around and glanced at the heather and undergrowth. He sang and chatted with himself. Found a stick. Tasted it a bit. Waved around with it in the air.
So, yes. What should I do? What if the battery on the phone got empty? What if the Bureau of Poison Control  could not call me? And Here I was, far away into the forest with a small boy who had eaten an unidentified mushroom. And I had no food around here. And in this forest that was so strange and dark. At least in one of my eye.
I glanced at my phone again. The battery was even weaker. Not much left.

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