Saturday, January 23, 2016


Some dark clouds was approaching. Rain swung over a spot on the horizon. But we could see our house up ahead.
-Soon we`re home, I said.
-Dayapp, he said.
-Where in the world have you been, my wife asked.
-In the forest, I replied.
-Yes, but those walks of yours take some serious time, she said. -Was there any vipers in there?
-Vipers? No, there was no vipers to see, I said.
-So, everything is well, then?
-Sure, everything is well. But can you take him a bit? I need to work with the woodshed.
I lurked him out of the child carrier and lifted him out of it. He opened and closed his arms around his mother. She turned around and rushed into the house.

The woodshed. It was only half finished. It took longer than expected to build it. I believed it would be easy. But after a while, as I put up a post here and nailed a plank there, I found out that I needed to change the plan. And it was not that easy at all.
But it needed to finish soon. Cause around me was a big pile of half finished fire wood. And it didn't like the rain coming. I had stretched a tarpaulin over it. But it was full of holes after weather and winds. So then the water leaked into the holes. And the tarpaulin prevented the water to evaporate. Which was no good for the fire wood that needed to get dry. So. The woodshed needed to be finished soon. I nailed a plank in an angle out from the garage wall. I guessed it would secure the woodshed better.  The sound of the hammer echoed into the forest. I nailed more planks in the same angle. That would ensure the woodshed even more. I put up new planks the other way. That would make it even safer.
I sat down on a stump and picked up the phone. There was still some left on the battery. I opened the browser, found the address of a newspaper. The browser opened an image and a header.
I tossed up.-What the hell, I said. I ran into the house. -Put on the telly, I shouted. -What is it, my wife asked from the kitchen. The little lad was sitting in his chair in the living room with a clean diaper, new clothes, a sandwich and a cup of milk. -Put on the telly, I shouted again. But I didn't wait for her. I jumped over to the telly myself.
My wife approached. She had a plate and a kitchen towel in her hands. She looked into the current image of the telly.
-My God, she said.

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