Saturday, February 6, 2016


It was twisted metal. Shattered glass. Dust and smoke. Someone with a camera was shouting if anyone needed help. But no one answered. In the big city that was so close to us. And at the same time so remote.
My wife dropped the plate and raised her hand to the mouth.
-What is this? is it war?
The newsreader showed up.
-It seems that there`s more that happens, he said seriously.
Somewhere further away from the city. In the countryside, where the youngsters had gathered.
-No, my wife whispered. -I think she`s there.
We stood as petrified. We watched and watched. For many hours we watched. The same images over and over again.
Then I could not manage it no more. I shook myself loose. Ran out.

Outside it was completely silent. Eerily quiet. As if the forest held it`s breath. The sky was grey and distorted. I went over to the woodshed. I picked up a plank. The pain was stinging through the chest when the hammar layers rolled into the forest.

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