Friday, November 6, 2015


He grunted.
I dropped all the patches and went over to him. He lay there strapped and looked up at the treetops. I released him as carefully I could and put him up on my lap.
-Hi, are you awake, I said.
He didn`t reply. Just watched around him with sleepy eyes.
I rocked him a little.
-So, now you`re in the forest, I said.
He responded with a long yawn.
-Dayapp, he said.
I fetched the bottle of water. He drank in large gulps. Until the bottle was almost empty.
-Dayapp, he said.
-I`m afraid I`ve got no food, I said.
-Dayapp, he said.
I put him gently down on the ground. Was there any berries around here? Or was it too early in the year? I went around. I got a glimpse of the patches a bit further away. Yes. Right here there was some blueberries. A bit young. But still. I picked them into my hand. And over there was a mushroom. But what kind was that?
I turned around. The little kid was up. He had something in his hand. I went toward him.
-Hey you, what do you got there, I asked.
He lifted his hand up.
-Have you found yourself a mushroom, I asked.
He lifted it up to his mouth.
-No, I said and started to run.
He opened his mouth and brought the fungus inside.
NO, I shouted. I came up to him. Quickly I stuck some fingers into his mouth.
But it was too late.

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