Sunday, November 15, 2015


Just as two of my fingers were on their way into his mouth. He hurried. And swallowed.
-No, I cried. - No, no, no!
I looked around me. What should I do? i ought to put my fingers down his throat. Get him to vomit. Get the fungus out again. That`s what I should do. As soon as possible. Before his body started to digest the whole thing. That`s what I should do.
I looked down at him. He smiled up at me. And I just could not do something like that. I just could not.
What kind of fungus did he eat, then? Was it this one? Or this one? No, it was this one. Yes, it was. I picked up some of that kind and ran to a broken three. Quickly I picked up my phone and took a picture of the fungus. He came by. And grabbed one of them. - Don`t touch that fungus, I yelled. It was the first time I had yelled at him like that. Way too early of his age. His face twisted into something surprising and terrifying. God. It was the first time he heard his father like that. "Bureau of poison control". Was that what it was called? Did I have a subscription for mobile internet? Yes, I thought I had. But there was no internet coverage so far into the forest. No coverage to make a phone call either. Or send a text message. Nothing. I had to find a hill. Go west and back towards the people. Such a damn thing that I went that far into the forest. Now I had to go out. Or at least go up to a hill. Somewhere to the west.
I tossed him into the child carrier. Locked him up. Put it onto my back. Then I went in quick steps along a path.
-Oi-oi-oi, he said in rhythm of the steps.
-Oi-oi, I replied.

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