Saturday, November 21, 2015


It got darker. So strange at this time of year. My breath made my throat sore as I climbed up the steep path. -Oi-oi, he said behind me.
-Hey, you. I checked something this night, my wife had said during breakfast.
-What, I asked.
-There was something different. It was slightly larger on one side, she replied. -I think you should check it out.
I went to the bathroom and checked it a bit myself. And, yes. It was a bit larger on one side. Damn. I didn`t understand. Such things was something that applied to others. Not me. And I didn`t like going to the doctor. At least not with this. I pulled it away. It was better to go for a trip in the forest.
I came up to the top. It was maybe the largest top. Not easy to say. There were some view here. Of more forest. My shoulders were aching. I put down the child carrier. Loosened The Boss.
-Dayapp, he said.
-Yeah, I know, I replied.
I picked up the phone...Yes! there was some coverage up here. Both to make a phone call and to surf on the net. I opened the browser. I didn`t like to call some about this. A website opened slowly. Very slowly. I wrote what I believed could be a webpage.
-Dayapp, he said.
-Yes, yes, I replied.
The browser worked slowly, slowly, it opened up a little bit, and...yes, the adress was matching. I was inside the webpage of the Poison Control Center. Then I needed to navigate inside there...-Dayapp, he said. -M,m, I responded. There! This was the place where I could upload an image of the fungus. Where I could explain the situation. And enter my phone number. My fingers wrote and wrote on the screen. It was so damn difficult to write like that out in the woods. I wrote and deleted, wrote and deleted. Then there was uploading. This was even slower. It buzzed and went, buzzed and went, little by little,...I looked over to the Boss. He sat in the heather and observed things around him. Fortunately there were no mushrooms around here. The uploading buzzed and buzzed. Round and round. -Dayapp, he said. -M,m, I replied.  The uploading went a bit further. A bit further. Little by little. A bit further...There. Finally the image was in place. I pressed "send". Then. I got a message saying that I would get a phone call when everything was checked.
I breathed out.
No what? I could go on. I could try to find the way home. He was hungry. And I had no food. No diapers either. But then I would need to go down some valleys. And I could get out of reach with my phone again. No. It was better to wait here, on the top. See some view.
-Dayapp, he said.
-Hey, would you like to hear a story, I asked. He looked up at me. -Shall I tell a story about the baby goblin, living out here in the forest?

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