Saturday, February 13, 2016

Morning mood

The time took a quick turn. The dark autumn was past. And then there was winter. A white carpet had finally settled over the countryside.
The sound of small birds screamed from my mobile phone early in the morning. My wife stood up almost instantly. I heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom. Then I forced myself out of bed. I put on a cold johns and a couple of cold socks. I glanced into the room of the little one. He was still sleeping. He had started to sleep more in the morning after he started at the kindergarten. I went up to the chilled living room. Then I put some firewood into the woodburning. Soon it was burning brightly. I put on some coffee and glanced onto the cluttered workbench. My wife came up with wet hair and made breakfast.
We sat a little. We wanted to wait as long as possible before we woke up our boy. I took my hand around the hot coffee cup. My nose was sniffing the aroma. Both our faces was turned down to the table and each our mobile phone. I went through my emails. Only commercials. then into the browser and some news. Nothing much since last I checked.
I looked out the window. it was still dark out there.
-Have you booked a doctor`s appointment now, she asked.
I turned around.
-No, I replied.
-Then you need to do it.
-Yes, I will do it soon. I`m just very busy right now.
-Sure you are. But I`m sure you got time to book an appointment.
-It´s difficult to get off on the job now, I said.
-I can`t believe it`s that difficult, she replied.
She glanced down the stairs.
-Can you wake up our boy, she asked.
-You know I just hate that. Can`t you do it, I asked.
She breathed heavily and went down the stairs. At first it was completely quiet down there. Then I heard a sound of a duvet. Then came some weak mother sounds and finally some tired grunts from the small one. She turned up the stairs with heavy footsteps. The boy in soft pajamas hung with his arms and legs around her body. His head lay over her shoulder.
-Here is for sure a tire-wire, one, she said with her soft maternal voice.

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