Monday, February 22, 2016


She put the boy down on the sofa and a blanket over him. Then she turned on the television. He got a bottle of milk and a plastic plate with a slice of bread. With pate. He looked at the television with sleepy eyes.
-By the way, something strange happened once I was in the woods, I said.
-Oh, yeah, she asked.
-It was if someone wanted me something.
-How is that?
-Yeah, as if they tried to reach me. Make a fool out of me, perhaps.
-What are you actually talking about, she asked.
-It was some slip of papers with some weird text, I answered.
-Like what?
-I don`t remember. A lot of nonsense. But I felt that they wanted to say something to me. As if someone stood and watched me. I had a very strong feeling of it.
She looked at me.
-Maybe you should tell this as well to the doctor, she said.
I breathed and put the lunch box in the bag. then I stood up and found my outerwear. She cleared the table and lifted the boy who had strewn bread crumbs all over the couch. She carried him down to the bathroom. I heard her humming while she tended him. I put on my bike helmet and the reflective vest. I went down to the bathroom. The boy stood half naked, chatting.
-Buy, my little friend, I said, and kissed him on the cheek.
-Au, your face is sticking, he said.
-Buy, I said and kissed my wife.
-Buy, cycle gently.
-Sure, I said.
I went outside. The icy, black air was beating against me. The snow crackled under my boots. I grabbed the bike out of the shed. I checked if the lighting was okay. Then I sat myself on the bike and  pushed the pedals.

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