Saturday, February 13, 2016


We slept painfully. She turned herself around and I did the same. Our breaths were rapid and uneven.
I came inside the house in the evening.
-Was she there, I asked.
-Yes, my wife replied.
-No, she didn`t make it. But I feel she is restful now. She and all the others.
Our breath jumped around in the bedroom, went out in the hallway. The small one slept in the child room. His breath was more calm and deep. Upstairs in the living room it was summer dark and quiet. All lights were turned off.  Only the refrigerator in the kitchen gave a small, faint hum. Outside there was a gray cloud over us that swirled up a cool breeze. It swung around the house and advanced inward. The spruce threes whizled in the summer twilight.

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